"Three Time World Trading
Champion Will Share With You How
You Could Easily Make $1,000 Per
Day In Under Two Hours"

It doesn't matter if you have never traded before.

If you have traded anything: Forex, stocks, commodities, options, funds or anything...

And have not made what you hoped to, or even lost...

I want you to take a deep breath, relax, and let your shoulders loosen up a bit. Because I was once right where you are today.

I did everything that everyone does. Listened to every free webinar I could find, spent time in forums listening to people who had never made a dime trading, bought systems that were never proven to work.

Until I discovered the single biggest secret to becoming a wealthy trader...

Keep it simple if you want to get rich.

I am about to share some little-known truths about trading that could wipe out 90% of the stress you are feeling about money and your future.

"Three-time world trading champion and wealthy independent trader reveals the truth behind why some people are able to make an absolute fortune trading currencies... While others struggle just to break even"

You are about to discover how easy it can really be to consistently make money trading the Forex market. It is not as hard as you have been led to believe...

In fact, I am so confident that this will make you money I am willing to take on 100% of the risk. In just a minute I will tell you how you can trade this system for 60 days without risking anything...

If it is not all I have said it is, if you are not more profitable than you ever dreamed you could be, then you will not have spent, or lost, even one penny of your own money.

I'm not talking about making millions overnight or any of that nonsense. Rather this is about being profitable and making money most every time you sit down to trade.

For now let's just focus on you making trades like these every time you trade...

Another $2,169.00 Made In 35 Minutes
With The TR Profit System

Another $1,749.00 Made In 40 Minutes
With The TR Profit System

I'm Talking About The Pure Adrenaline Rush
Of Watching Your Money Grow Right Before
Your Eyes...

And being able to do that over and over until you never need to think about going to work at a regular job ever again.

Yes, there are plenty of people who have become millionaires and even billionaires from trading. But anyone who tells you that you can get rich OVERNIGHT doing anything, is likely lying.

Today I want to let the truth about trading speak for itself...

There is no reason to make things up to make this look easier and more lucrative than it really is.

Because when you do it right, there is nothing I am aware of that can make you more money, in less time and with less effort, than trading.

  • If you are brand new to trading currencies, you are about to discover everything you could ever need to become a successful trader and make a fortune in less time than you ever thought possible.

  • If you are an experienced trader, regardless of your level of experience, what you are about to read will completely blow your mind.

You are about to see the most real and practical way of making more money in less time and with less risk than any other method of trading, type of investing, or entrepreneurial venture I am aware of. So keep reading...

My name is Toshko Raychev...

If you have been trading for any amount of time you probably know me, or at least know of me.

If so, then you know I tell it like it is. Even when what I have to say isn't all that popular. Sometimes the truth is just that way.

I am sick and tired of all the outright lies told to traders on a daily basis. It seems every time you open your inbox you see another promise of overnight riches.

If that's what you are looking for, then you may be in the wrong place.

Because I am sorry to say that does not exist in the real world.

This is for people who want to discover the secret to being consistently profitable, month in and month out. Because that's how you grow your trading account into your own personal fortune.

Throughout this letter you will examples of my live trades. Feel free to click and watch them as you read. You will see just how easy it can be to make large amounts of money trading.

That's how every rich trader started. Unless you have the seven lucky numbers, getting rich overnight is nothing more than a fantasy marketers use to get your money.

Traders are some of the highest paid people on earth. And some get that way rather quickly once they make a breakthrough like the one I made.

Throughout this letter I will show you how much cash this is currently making me and the others who are trading with the exact strategy you are about to see.

It is making us all a lot of money and I honestly believe it could do the same for you.

That's why it is so important you read this now...

Every minute you are without this system and the breakthrough trading software I have developed could be costing you money you could have easily made.

You are about to see the most advanced, accurate, and profitable trading software ever created.

I'm not talking about making a fortune while you sleep because some automated trading robot has cracked the code on the market. This is not fully automated trading. I wouldn't recommend that to anyone. This is mechanical trading, supercharged.

And if you have heard all the fairy tales about how people are getting rich overnight without any work trading things like Binaries or Penny Stocks or whatever; just realize that 99.9% of what you read or hear is complete B.S.

Things like Binary Options are like going to a casino. If you have the money to lose you might have a little fun, but in the long run the house always wins, and that means you lose.

This is far from that... This is how real traders make money in the market.

With that said, you are going to see how artificial intelligence
when properly used with a proven mechanical trading system, is
the most powerful money making tool on the planet.

I have seen technology be a trader's best friend or worst enemy. It depends on how it is used.

I will never recommend 100% automated trading to anyone. I have seen trading robots blow through an account faster than a teenager at the mall can max out a credit card.

I have, however, realized that the right technology is not only a huge advantage in trading, it's quickly becoming a necessity.

While it is doubtful that artificial intelligence will ever be able to trade for you with any degree of accuracy in the long run...

The technology I am about to share with you does have a few very strong advantages that no trader should be without.

- First, it never makes a mistake. It can't because it is a machine, which is programmed for specific functions. It is never wrong.

- Second, it is not affected by human emotions like fear and greed, which are often the sole reason some traders lose.

It only knows to follow the system rules, which then lead to pre-determined outcomes that are programmed into the software.

I have created what I believe to be the first smart trading system software.

Far more than just a Trade Assistant (TA), the ITF, or Intelligent Trade Finder, It is like having a room full of the best traders in the world scanning the market every minute of the day looking for perfect setups.

As I said though, unlike humans, it is never wrong.

In just a moment I'll share with you how you could get this amazing new software for free so keep reading...

The reason I spent the time, money, and energy creating this software is that I don't want to spend as much time as I used to watching the market.

I would rather get in and get out with my profit for the day and go do something fun. I'm sure you feel the same.

As with a good TA, this will find trades for you and alert you when it has found ones that have a high probability of making you money.

The difference between this and every TA I have ever used is simple. This actually works.

So as time goes by it becomes more of a personal assistant to you.

Think of it as an executive assistant that can write proposals and correspondence for you that sounds like you wrote it yourself. And even knows exactly how you like your coffee.

The ITF is going to quickly become your best friend. It not only makes trading much easier and less time consuming...

It also is far more accurate and profitable than trading without it.

It also allows you to trade on most any device you want. Your laptop, your tablet, or your smart phone.

You could be having breakfast at your favorite cafe, and if you choose, the ITF will tap you on the shoulder and Say, "There is a setup occurring you may want to look at. I think it could make you some money."

And as I said. The ITF doesn't make mistakes. So chances are when it tells you to take a trade, you are about to take a pile of cash out of the market.

The technology behind the TR Profit System is the most advanced in the world to my knowledge. It takes trading to a whole new level of ease and accuracy.

I would never want to go back to trading the old fashioned way. I'm confident once you start using it, you will feel exactly the same.

I Am A Full-Time Trader Who Has Made My Living Trading
Forex For Years Now, And What You Are About To See Is
Real World Trading, Taking Advantage Of The Latest

Yes, this really could make you wealthy. Many who have made millions and maybe even billions in the Forex market did so using systems and technology far inferior to what you are about to see.

I am not a multi-millionaire though. And I won't be showing you any pictures of mansions and private jets.

  • I am, however, able to support myself and my family very comfortably through trading the Forex market.

  • I am even able to wholly support my parents in a lifestyle they could never afford on their own.

  • I drive very nice (and fast) cars which are a passion of mine.

  • I take a lot of vacations. I am able to travel where and when I want and see the world.

  • I live in a nice villa overlooking the ocean in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

  • I have my own gym filled with more state-of-the-art equipment than anyone should ever punish themselves with.

  • And I never really give much thought to what things cost.

And the best part is that I don't have to kill myself working to make all that possible.

What I am going to show you today is a realistic and
proven method of achieving your own personal income
goals through trading the Forex market...

So that at the end of every single month, your trading account has more money in it than it did the month before. That's how you eventually get rich through trading.

How much more? That depends on the current size of your account and how much time and effort you want to put into trading.

Some people just want to take an extra $1,000.00, $2,000.00 or $3,000.00 a month from the market to pay their bills, take some vacations, buy a new house, put their kids through college, or just build their retirement nest egg.

They have full-time jobs that they enjoy and can only find a few minutes now and then to trade.

Others want to get rich as fast as possible. They have seen the kind of wealth trading currencies has created and want to grow their accounts into the millions of dollars, too.

It doesn't matter what your goals are. They are achievable either way, and I am about to show you exactly how to reach them.

See, that is the great thing about trading. The only difference between you and someone who makes millions is the size of your trading account and the time you are able to spend trading.

Unlike other businesses, the person who just wants to make a little extra spending money each month and those who want to get mega-rich can use the exact same tools and methods to do both.

With traditional businesses or investing it takes deep pockets to scale up and make more money.

With trading, the person who wants to make an extra $1,000.00 per month and the person making millions of dollars can be using the exact same system, the same indicators, and the same knowledge to do either.

So with trading you can go big just by putting in a little more effort.

The System You Are About To See Has Made Me A Small
Fortune And Is The Very Same One You Can Get Here
Today For A Reasonable Investment Most Anyone Can
Easily Afford.

I'm not trying to get rich selling systems. I make plenty from trading.

I am just tired of watching people like you struggle to be profitable when it's just not that hard to make good money at this.

The problem most traders have is two-fold.

  1. They are trading with an unproven system. One that they found free online or bought from some marketer who has never traded a day in his life.

  2. They lack the basic knowledge of how to trade properly. As with most everything, there is a right way and a wrong way to trade.

The good news is that trading is not difficult. It takes no formal education or vast knowledge of finance.

It just takes a simple system proven, to make money consistently, and some training in how to trade that system. That's all.

You are about to get both, so keep reading...

I have already created two highly acclaimed trading systems that have made a ton of money for hundreds, if not thousands, of people so you may be wondering why I built this new one.

Those who have spent time with me in the members' areas of Forex Secret Protocol and NSOFT probably already know the answer.

I am obsessed with finding new ways to make trading easier, less time consuming, and most importantly, more profitable.

Let's face it, as much as I enjoy trading, we all trade for just one reason...

To make money.

Maybe it's because I am also a software coder. I just can't help constantly trying to improve the accuracy of indicators. I am always thinking that there must be a way to make them even more accurate and easier to use.

11 Custom Hi-Tech Indicators Give You Confirmations
You Can Take To Straight To The Bank

Not only that, they are so easy to use that even a seven year-old could probably make money with them. I'll explain them in detail in just a moment.

The new system and intelligent software I have created work together to give you a huge advantage over other traders and make being profitable a breeze...

It's solves several big problems traders face.

  1. Knowing precisely where the trend is headed. I'm sure you have heard it before, but I will say it again because it is so true... The trend is your friend. This will allow you to follow it straight to the money.

  2. It identifies the perfect entry and exit points that can lead to profitable trades. So you never need to wonder when to get into or out of a trade for maximum profits.

  3. It takes much of the stress out of trading by giving you crystal clear signals so you never question what you should do.

  4. It is far simpler than other systems. If you can tell the difference between red and green and read a thermometer, you can trade this system.

  5. It could cut the amount of time you need to spend trading to a fraction of the time other systems take. So you could trade far less and still make massive profits. This makes it a fantastic system for part-time traders who have full-time jobs.

That first point about the trend being your friend is something any experienced trader knows. However, do you know what drives the trend?

Big money is at the helm, steering the market where they please.

We retail traders can't affect the market in any way. Not even the guys who make millions of dollars trading.

It's the giant financial institutions like the central banks and the government who move the market and create the trend. All we can do is know where it's headed and profit from that knowledge.

The reason some traders lose more often than they should is that those who are really in control move the market, collect their profits, and leave the uninformed retail trader losing.

One of the most important skills you can have as a trader is not only knowing when to take a trade... It's knowing when NOT to trade.

If you have had more than your share of losses, the first thing you need to know is that it is not your fault.

It's time to stop letting these bullies take your lunch
money and I'm going to show you how.

I didn't have anyone helping me when I first started trading. And eventually my fear, greed, lack of knowledge, and a good system cost me plenty.

It was 2006. A friend had recently started trading and got me interested through our conversations.

So I opened a live account and put $2,000.00 into it.

I made about $20,000.00 fairly quickly and was feeling pretty good about myself.

Then it happened as it does to most uninformed traders who are not using proven trading systems...

  • I lost half my account in a week.

  • And then lost the other half in the next three weeks.

I was devastated to say the least. That was a whole lot of money to me back then.

I very quickly realized this was not as easy as I thought. I needed to find someone who knew how to trade and get some advice.

I managed to find someone who did know how to trade and make money who was willing to help me. I could relate to him well because like me he had once lost everything. But he managed to start again and has made an absolute fortune.

He not only helped me with priceless advice and trading wisdom, he also gave me a decent system.

Armed with this knowledge and proven system, I was quickly able to make back everything I had lost and many times more.

Since then I have made myself an extremely comfortable living trading, and grown a very respectable retirement account.

I have to tell you, comparing the system I used back then to the system you've discovered here today...

Would be like comparing a hang glider to an F-16

Technology is much of the reason we have tools today as powerful as the indicators in the TR Profit System. I just wish I had this system when I started trading. I would have known success much sooner.

It has been proven profitable in live money accounts by real traders... And even a newbie who took us all by surprise.


Every single person in the beta test group made money with this system.

However, this really amazed me...

He Had Never Traded A Day In His Life And Everyone Was
Stunned When He Secretly Learned This Strategy And
Made Money On His Very First Trades, All In Just A Few

Sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time. Like when the graphic artist working on the DVD covers for my system got curious.

Within just a matter of hours he had learned the system, opened a trading account, and made some money.

How did he do it?

He took the system, without any training of any kind, just the manual and DVD contents, and made a pile of pips in a couple hours.

No one had any idea he was even doing this. Until he came to us and said, "Look at all the money I just made with your system."

Remember, this is someone who had never traded a day in his life. He just got curious, watched the DVDs, opened an account, and started trading.

I think I know why he made money on his very first trades, though...

He didn't know any better, so he followed the rules of the system exactly. Like he was following the instructions to put a gas grill together or something. He didn't know anything about fear, greed, or any of the other emotions that cost many traders money unnecessarily.

He just followed the simple directions and made money.

Today you can get this exact system so you too could start seeing your account fill with cash. If a complete newbie can make money in a matter of hours with just the basics of the system, just wait till you see what you could make when you have the real secret behind this money-making tool.

I'll tell you all about it in a minute so keep reading...

My biggest passion is trading. I enjoy everything about trading, especially working with others to help them become more successful. In just a minute you will understand why that is so important to me.

This new system is my crowning achievement and you could be using it to make serious cash every time you switch it on. I set out to create the ultimate tool for creating wealth and I have accomplished exactly that.

You have maybe heard that some 95% of traders lose money. I don't believe that for a minute. Try and find an actual statistic or reputable source that says that. It's just more hype created by people trying to sell you something.

The fact is I have worked with thousands of traders over the years. Most all my friends are traders. Just about all I ever talk about with people is trading.

And it is my experience that those who are smart about
how they trade, and who use a good, proven system,
usually always make money... Often lots of it.

I'm not saying they don't lose trades. We all do. That's part of the game. There is no such thing as a system so accurate that it wins 100% of its trades. I wish there was, but there's not.

"However, those who do this right, usually have far more money in their account at the end of the month than they had at the beginning."

As a matter of fact, with the money management techniques I want to show you, you could probably lose half of your trades and still make money with this system.

However, if you lost half your trades using the TR Profit System, then you are most likely not following the system rules.

I have spent the last year working on this system. Even though I already had developed two of the best trading systems on the planet, I knew there was still room for improvement. I believe there always is.

So I spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars developing and testing different indicators and methods.

The result is the simplest to trade and most profitable system I have ever traded. It is the only system I will trade my own personal accounts with because it makes me money. Lots of money.

I don't think anyone who hasn't created a system from scratch realizes what it takes to make one that is consistently profitable.

All the trial and error alone is enough to drive a person mad. Not to mention I would never offer a system to anyone that I wasn't using myself.

The reason I spent the time and money developing this was to make my own personal trading easier and more profitable.

And I battle-tested it in every conceivable market condition in a live money account. So I could be certain that the system I was offering you today was indeed one you could depend on to make you money.

One of the main things I was after was ease of use. The older and more successful I get, the less time I want to spend glued to a screen watching charts all day. As I said earlier, I like to travel.

So I wanted a system that would allow me to basically take one look at my indicators, press one button to enter the trade, and walk away. Secure in the knowledge that I could depend on the system rules to make me money on the trade.

That's exactly what the TR Profit System does. It makes being profitable and making big money trades as easy as using your TV remote. In fact, it's far easier than that, because there are still buttons on that damn thing that I have no idea what they do!

The point is that if you are a busy person with little time to trade, this is the perfect system for you. It doesn't take hours of watching the market. The software does that for you.

I really think anyone could trade even just minutes per week with the TR Profit System and still make far more than traders who sit in front of their computers all day.

Look how easy this is...

It's like driving your car. When the indicators are red, you stop and wait. When they turn green, you go. It's really that simple.

And the other reason this simplicity is important is that it won't take you weeks, months, or even years to start making money with this.

If you have never traded before it may take you a weekend to learn the system. If you are even a little bit experienced you can learn it in just a few hours.

That's actually the biggest reason I see for traders losing and giving up...

The system they are using is too complicated. No one likes to do hard for long. If your system is hard to learn and trade, you will probably give up long before you ever make any money.

And remember, that's the only reason we trade. To make money!

Don't think for a second though that just because I made this simple to trade it doesn't use the most complex, sophisticated, and cutting-edge trading technology on earth.

Just like when you Google something. You may only be typing a word, but there are still millions of processes running in the background to get you your desired and accurate result.

These are the most advanced indicators available anywhere at any price. That's a big part of how they are able to make trading far easier AND more profitable at the same time.

Remember, I created this for my own personal trading and I already had two highly profitable systems. I would not have gone to all that work and expense if the end result wasn't worth it.

I wanted to create a system anyone could easily learn, and trade just a few hours a week and still make far more money than most people do working a full time job.

Think about what that could mean to you...

  • Putting on your slippers to make you morning commute. Relaxing over a cup of coffee while others are stuck in traffic on their way to a job they don't like.

  • The ability to work from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

  • Working only when you want to, and even then only working minutes per day while others work hours.

  • Having time to spend with your friends and family enjoying life.

  • Traveling and seeing the world.

  • Spending your winters somewhere warm and your summers somewhere fun.

  • Calling your own shots in life and never answering to a boss again.

  • All while never needing to give a second thought to what things cost. Because anytime you need more money you know it's just a trade or two away.

That's what being a successful trader could mean to you. Believe me I know. I live that lifestyle and so do many of those I have mentored and helped in the past.

This is not some unachievable dream reserved for
others... This is something you can really do

I have worked with people from every walk of life. From waiters in restaurants to cab drivers to construction workers, and watched them change their lives. I even met an ex-con once who turned his life around and has now made a fortune legally in one of the most prestigious occupations on earth.

Forex trading is one of the few things I know of where the playing field is absolutely level. Anyone can achieve the status and success they desire regardless of where they are starting from.

You don't need to spend years studying or have any special talents to do this. Trading and making as much money as you want is simply a matter of following a set of system rules. As long as the system is one that has been proven to be profitable. The TR Profit System as you are about to see is one of, if not the most, profitable systems available anywhere at any price.

The custom indicators I created do 99% of the work. Including following the system rules exactly so you never need to wonder whether or not to enter a trade.

Think of these indicators as your staff or employees. They are hard at work finding perfect trade setups, analyzing thousands of pieces of information per minute. Then when they find a perfect trade they ask you if you want to enter it or not.

I'll tell you more about them in a minute...

First, I want you to really understand that I truly believe you can be successful trading. Even if everything you have tried up until this point has failed.

Because today you will have the opportunity to get everything I wished I had when I first started trading.

A proven system, one that I believe to be the absolute best in the entire world.

Think about it. If I did not believe that to be true I would go find the best and buy it. I can certainly afford any system I want and I make my living trading. So if I thought there was a better system anywhere on the planet I would go get it and trade with it. There's not. Trust me, I have looked.

It would be much easier and less expensive for me to just buy a good system than to go through all the time, effort, and money it took to develop this one.

I have developed some pretty darn good ones before this one I might add.

One of them made me a winner in the largest independent trading competition in the world.

Not once, but on three separate occasions. These are the one month gains.

651.50% In One Month

809.09% In One Month

118.63% In One Month

So I can assure that if I was not 100% certain that this new system wasn't far more profitable than my previous ones, I would still be trading with them.

I am not saying they are not great systems and they are in no way outdated. People are making plenty with them as you read this.

They are just not as simple to trade as the TR Profit System and nowhere near as profitable.

It is a mechanical system which is the ONLY way anyone should ever trade. Yet, the advanced software makes it as close to automated, push-button trading as you would ever want to get.

You simply look at the indicators, make sure everything is a go, quickly set your stop loss and take profit, and enter the trade.

So even if you can only find a few minutes per week to trade, you could still make thousands of dollars in those few minutes.

The indicators are visual and simple to read. So you can tell at a glance that there is a good setup occurring that could result a big, profitable trade most every time.

It works on every currency pair and time frame so you can trade at whatever time of day or night that is convenient for you. That's especially important for Part-time traders who have full-time jobs. You can choose when you want to trade, even if it's just a few minutes in the morning or evening.

You do NOT need to watch trading charts all day to make money with this system. There is no reason whatsoever to do so. The system and the indicators are there to do that for you. That's why it's possible with this system to make more money in minutes than most traders make in a week.

While others are sitting there staring at their screen for hours hoping for a good setup, you could be in and out of the market with a big, fat profit. And be off enjoying the rest of your day.

The single biggest job of any system is to sort through data and give you the best possible opportunity to make money based on market analysis.

That's why you must trade with a system that looks at multiple time frames. Remember, the trend is your friend and you must know where it is headed at all times.

This system does that for you. It's like the GPS in your car. It knows the way to the money and all you have to do is follow the simple directions.

The system does not use divergence or anything else complicated. It uses a simple methodology along with a suite of one-of-a-kind custom indicators that together create the perfect system.

So one of the big questions I get every time I offer a new system is, "Why are you selling it Toshko?"

The reason is two-fold.

First as I said earlier, the reason we trade is to make money. Developing such a consistently profitable system took time, money and effort to perfect. While I want to help people, I am not going to give away my best secret for free. Would you?

To better explain the second reason I need to first tell you this...

The actual trading system and indicators are just part of what you will be getting here today to turn yourself into a human cash machine.

The system itself consists of 6 DVDs, a fully illustrated trading manual, and a set of cheat sheets to make it even easier to trade. All shipped directly to your doorstep. And if you act today, the shipping is even free.

The system, however, is just a part of what makes this the total package for traders. Yes, it does give you everything you need to trade the system successfully.

But what could catapult you to success fast is what you will learn in the private members' area.

It's in there I will teach you everything I know that works. Notice I didn't say everything I know. Because I have learned not only what works over the years. I have also, and maybe even more importantly, learned what doesn't work.

I'll tell you more about that in a minute. I just want you to understand that when I say I have worked with hundreds of traders, I mean I rolled up my sleeves and helped them. I do it because I enjoy doing it. We traders think a bit differently than most people do and I really enjoy the company of other traders.

I get emails all the time from traders I have worked with. Some of them embarrass me.

They talk about how I have helped them turn everything around and that they are consistently profitable for the first time ever. Others new to trading have said that they started with nothing and are now making money. In some cases massive money.

I get emails saying, "Thank you Toshko. I don't know where I would be without you."

It's hard to even put into words how this makes me feel. It's a really great feeling, that much I know. I would go as far as to say it's addictive. At least it is for me.

I don't say any of this to brag or make me look special in any way. Quite the opposite. It humbles me greatly and makes me feel fantastic about little old me actually being able to really help my fellow man (and woman) in a useful way.

And that's a huge part of why I do this. I just want to help others and trading is what I know. So I see teaching people what I know and helping them to succeed at trading as my own personal calling.

I suppose truth be told it's also a bit of an ego boost to be able to show people how to become successful and grow their accounts faster than they ever thought possible.

I know that may sound corny or even like B.S. But if you know me then you know I never B.S. Especially about money.

I help traders all the time on social media like Facebook, and as you can see there are a lot of people who follow me.

I have about 2,000 members from my previous systems and still work with many of them. I am always here to answer a question or help someone who needs it.

There is a reason I am telling you all this. As with my previous two systems, I am strictly limiting the number of people who will get this today. I have to so I can make sure my group gets the attention it deserves.

As I said it's in the members' area where the fun happens and I can't take on too big of a group. It just wouldn't be the same.

That is why the amazing deal you are going to
receive is strictly limited to the first 1,000
people who take action today.

You just can't keep a secret in today's world of social media...

Word got out to a few people I have worked with in the past that I was working on a new system. Word spread quickly, and before you know it, the emails started pouring in.

People who I have worked with in the past all wanted to see what I had developed. They wanted to know if I had a new system I was using to trade my own accounts.

So I decided to give it to a small group of people to see if they would get the same amazing results I was.

They all made money immediately. On their very first trades.

So I decided I would make enough copies to share with 100 people or so.

But the emails kept coming in and people in my previous members' areas were all asking how they could get the system.

Everyone who has worked with me in the past knows how obsessed I am with perfecting trading, and if I was using something new, they wanted it too.

Especially once they saw how much money it was making me...

Proof - Live Trades

1 Minute Live Trade
Toshko Raychev
$1,005 Live Trade
Toshko Raychev
$895 Live Trade
Toshko Raychev
$1,015 Live Trade
Toshko Raychev
$1,072 Live Trade
Toshko Raychev
$874 Live Trade
Toshko Raychev
$1,482 Live Trade
Toshko Raychev
$1,211 Live Trade
Toshko Raychev
$703 Live Trade
Toshko Raychev
$642 Live Trade
Toshko Raychev
$1,368 Live Trade
Toshko Raychev
$2,891 Live Trade
Toshko Raychev
$757 Live Trade
Toshko Raychev
$502 Live Trade
Toshko Raychev

After I saw that most every person who learned this new system made money immediately. And when they started telling me how easy the system was to trade...

How clear the signals were and how accurately the indicators found big money trades with very little effort at all on the trader's part...

Then even more people started asking how they could get this new system and the custom indicators that make it so accurate and easy to trade.

So I decided to create a one-time run of 1,000
copies and make them available here today on a
First-come basis.

I know they will sell out quickly and emails will start pouring in again asking me to make more available.

I have to be able to help anyone who needs it and I just can't do that effectively with too large of a group.

So when these 1,000 copies are gone, that's it. I am closing the doors and helping the members who manage to get in today to start making money as quickly as possible.

Which in this case should be practically overnight.

I know that most everyone who is using it is making good money with it, and while some of those are experienced traders, others are brand new to trading as you will soon see.

You are the only person you can depend on for your financial well-being...

If you are counting on your broker or financial advisor to make you rich you may have a long wait ahead of you and a rather disappointing outcome.

That's because brokers and financial planners are nothing more than sales people. They make their living by selling you products that they are paid a commission on.

So in most cases the only future they are securing is their own.

You have to take things into your own hands if you want to get rich. And that's the beauty of Forex trading. Sure, you still need a broker in order to pace trades, but you are depending on nobody but yourself in order to make money.

And outside forces can't come along and steal your money. During the last recession I watched people's nest eggs go up in smoke. Some lost more than half of their savings as the stocks they were invested in plummeted.

Not even real estate was safe. We all watched millions of people lose their homes.

All the while many people trading Forex were getting rich off the volatility in the market.

See, when you trade Forex properly, the economy has no power over you.

  • The government's decisions about interest rates, inflation, or anything else have no effect on your personal wealth or ability to earn.

  • A greedy CEO or board of directors cannot make decisions that cost you dearly.

You are in control, and as long as one currency is rising in value against another, there is money to be made.

With five trillion dollars changing hands daily, it takes you getting just a tiny fraction of it to become very wealthy.

There is no feeling on earth like the ability to sit down and make money any time you feel like it.

Want a new car? Make a few good trades and pay cash for it. I have actually done that, and first time you do it is a feeling you will never forget.

Most people earn money. They trade their time for money. And there are only so many hours in a day. So to make more you need to work harder and longer hours.

I prefer to make money. It's not how long or hard I work, but rather how smart I work, that determines my income.

With the TR Profit System I hardly have to think about it. It's like having a step-by-step roadmap that almost always leads to a big payday.

I think of the Forex market as a vast sea, teeming with hungry fish. I need only to cast my line in the water to catch dinner. And having this system is like having irresistible bait on your hook that reels in cash faster than you can grab the net to scoop it into your boat.

I know you may be thinking you have heard all of this before and I suppose you probably have. See, that's the problem. It's hard to tell the good systems from the bad.

The easiest way is the saying my grandmother used to say. "The proof is in the pudding"

Any system worth buying should have mountains of proof in the form of real trades so you can see not only that it does work, but also how it works.

That's why I want to show you as much as I can today, so you can not only see how easy this is to trade with, but also how much real spendable cash it is generating.

657.33% gain

And remember, I use this exact system to make my living. I have no other job or regular source of income. Me, my family, and even my parents depend 100% on the income generated from this system.

And we are living in style. We are all extremely comfortable and lack nothing.

Not only that, I am also going to be able to retire decades before most people do. Sure, I will probably always trade some because I enjoy it so much.

But I will not have to ever do anything unless I feel like it. That's freedom.

Once you learn how to make money the rest is just zeroes...

If you have been trading for any amount of time I am sure you have heard the story about George Soros making a billion dollars in one day trading Forex.

I can't even imagine in my wildest dreams what that would feel like. I'm not sure I could ever spend that much money, let alone make it in just one day.

However, I will never forget the first time I made $1,000.00 in a day. Or the first time I made $10,000.00 in a day.

If you don't yet know that feeling I can hardly wait to help you get there. It's a rush you will never forget.

I know a lot of successful traders. Many of them could make far more than they do. Instead they choose to trade just one week out of the month and take the next three off. Or they just trade one or two days a week.

They make more than enough money and want the time and freedom only trading can give you.

The key, though, is to have a system you can depend on. One that will show you the money every time.

Trading without a good system and a proven strategy is really nothing more than gambling. The right system and knowledge puts the odds squarely in your favor and makes it a rock-solid business instead.

You may have heard stories of people who tried trading and lost money. I'm not talking about having a few losing trades in a row. I mean watched their account get sucked dry of every last penny.

I recently spoke with someone who had just such a story. I hope this has never happened to you, but if it has, I can assure you it does not need to ever happen again.

He described how he had been turned off from Forex, after falling victim to a scam system...

And he shared how he almost decided NOT to invest in a professional systems and give it one more try.

He said...

"It made me mad every time I lost money, which was far too often. I bought a system that promised to make me profitable, but in reality only lost me money.

And once I bought the course, I had to pay an additional high monthly fee to get access to a members' area. One that never even got updated!"

He continued, and you could just hear him getting angrier by the minute as he spoke....

"I was screaming for help, but there was nobody there to help me. I ended up having to guess what to do next and I lost thousands of dollars very quickly.

When I was trading in a demo account I did fine, but the minute real cash was on the line everything changed. I just felt I had no control he said. One little news break and everything would change."

He also said that the system he was using required that he be in front of his computer staring at charts all day and found that, he said, "Boring as hell."

"It's just gambling," he went on to say. "When you do make a little money, the market quickly takes back what it gives you. I'd rather go to a casino. At least they serve drinks."

Luckily for that guy, he met me and after trying my system out he made money on the first trade. He has now recovered all of what he lost and is steadily building his account.

Unfortunately, this is a common story in the world of currency trading, where many so-called "systems' (ones that have never made money for anyone) are sold by marketers trying to make a quick buck, regardless of how many lives get ruined..

If you have traded and lost, or if you are new, you'll never experience success without a guide.

And you must have a professional-grade trading system that has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to work.

Today you can have both...

And I can assure you that you will never be asked to spend a dime on anything else. The coaching, the live webinars, full, unrestricted access to the members area, and all the tools and strategies it contains are included in the price of the system, as you will see.

I can't think of a single thing anyone would need to purchase ever again. You will get everything you could possibly need to succeed and make money trading. This is the complete package. You will never need to spend even one penny on anything else ever again.

First, you will receive the 6 DVDs and the trading manual which explain how to trade the system in a simple to Follow, step-by-step manner. These, along with a priceless set of cheat sheets to make trading the system even easier, are delivered by courier to your front door.

But it's what is in the members' area, which you will get free and unrestricted access to, and where you will become a Ph.D. in making money in the Forex market. I am giving you every piece of cash-producing knowledge I have ever learned.

I will also be sharing additional tools, strategies, and tips with you on a regular basis. But you will not ever be asked to buy anything else to compliment or enhance the system. Any improvements or trading tools added to the system will be given to you at no additional cost.

Let's look at everything that is included...

The TR Profit System consists of two major parts.

First, there is the system itself, which is sent by courier to you. It includes 6 DVDs, a fully illustrated trading manual, and a collection of cheat sheets.

When you order today, shipping is free.

The second part is full, unrestricted access to the private online members' area. I will tell you more about it in a minute. For now just know that this is included and you will never be asked to pay any kind of a monthly fee to continue.


If you have never traded the Forex market before, then this DVD will give you everything you need to be up and trading with confidence, fast. It is also a great refresher course for the intermediate trader. It is one of the most comprehensive and easy to understand beginner trading courses on the market.

Even if you do don't know what some of these terms mean right now, don't worry. I explain every detail of trading the Forex market in a way that even a complete beginner can easily grasp and understand.

1. Forex for beginners.

2. Introduction to charts.

3. Introduction to MT4.

4. Opening new charts.

5. Installing custom indicators.

6. Loading indicators on charts.

7. Saving and loading custom templates.

8. Adding lines on charts.

9. Placing and managing orders.

10.Using trailing stop.

11. Pips, Margin and Lot Size.

12.Trader's discipline.


The secret behind this one-of-a-kind system is the technology. In this DVD you will be introduced to 11 custom indicators that are the backbone of the system. These are my greatest trading achievement.

They process far more information in a minute than the best trader could analyze in a month doing it the old way.

They are what makes trading the TR Profit System so simple. Because they do 99% of the work for you.

So while other traders are sitting in front of their computers staring at charts, you can be off spending the money you made before they even saw a decent setup.

Think of these indicators as your army of spies, gathering intelligence so you know exactly where they money is hiding and can easily flush it out into the open and capture it. Filling your account with money without lifting a finger.

Without this technology you would have to work long and hard to find the cash-rich trades this system finds for you.


In this DVD you will find the keys to the kingdom. The secret to untold wealth and prosperity.

The golden rule of trading is to find a profitable system and follow the system rules.

Yet doing so for whatever reason seems to be a difficult undertaking with many traders. I don't know if it's our stubborn nature as human beings that make us think we must know a shortcut or a better way.

All I know for sure is that when it comes to trading, following the rules is what makes people rich. Because it keeps our emotions, especially fear and greed at bay.

It forces us to do what has been proven over and over to work rather than going all cowboy and making up the rules as we go along. That almost always leads to defeat.

That's why in this DVD I lay out the rules of the system in a very clear, concise and easy to follow manner.

Basically this is paint by numbers. The only way to screw it up is to start painting outside the lines or in the wrong boxes.

This DVD makes it all crystal clear. If you want to make it more difficult than it need to be and make far less money, just skip this DVD.


In this DVD you will quickly see why this system is raking in the cash faster than even the government can spend it.

I demonstrate the system through trade after trade, covering most any and every scenario you will ever face in the market.

So that no matter what the market is doing you are armed with the knowledge and tools to profit from it.

Most everyone I have ever known learns more by example. By seeing how things actually work in action. That's why I walk you through most every kind of trade you will ever encounter and show you how to make money.

I go through 20 different scenarios so you will never be at a loss at what to do no matter what the market throws at you.


In the last DVD I showed you every king of example trade you will ever encounter.

In this DVD you see the system in action in real time. It's one thing to show you examples created in a controlled environment. In this DVD I let you see the system in action in a real time, real world, live trading environment where anything can happen.

This is important so you know how to walk away with a big profit even when the market doesn't want to give it to you.

I show you real word examples of both conservative and aggressive trades and how to get maximum profits from both.

By the time you are finished watching this DVD you are ready to fire up your trading platform and make some money.


At this point you are going to have some questions and I am going to give you the answers. I had numerous people go through all the previous DVDs and then make a list of questions.

So I put this into a live, unrehearsed webinar and answered every one of them. Then I recorded it all, no matter how tough the questions. Chances are that any and every question you have will be answered in this DVD.

However, if not, no worries because I will always be available to answer any question you have live in the members' area.

I even have a team of trained pros available to answer your questions 24/7. So even if I am sleeping, you will get an immediate and accurate answer.

The Trading Manual...

Have you ever thought you knew something and then got to a point where you were wondering what do I do next?

I know I have. That's why I made sure we were including a concise, step-by-step manual you could use as an easy reference manual.

It goes through the system and the indicators in such a manner that you can quickly and easily find the answer to any question you may have.

Want to know when a setup is one you should jump on or one you should pass on? It's in here.

Want to know where to set your stop loss and take profit? It's in here.

Want to know when the market is ready to give up the most cash? It's in here.

Everything is laid out in a format where you get accurate answers to any question you have. So you can spend your time making money rather than learning a complicated system.

The Cheat Sheets...

Want to know at a glance how to enter the perfect trade?

Then you are going to love these. At a glance you will have everything you need to make money on most every trade at your fingertips. A child could probably follow the simple steps laid out in these and make money.

It's as simple as following 1, 2, 3 to the money. I really don't know how anyone could follow these and fail. It would be like programming your GPS to show you the way and then not listening to it.

These really do make trading this, and making money, as simple as following a few easy, crystal clear directions.

If I was dropped off anywhere in the world with only a laptop or even just a smart phone, an internet connection, $100 and this system I am confident I would soon find myself having plenty of money and no worries.

Because if all I had was these 6 DVDs, the trading manual, and these cheat sheets, I could parlay that $100.00 into $1,000.00, then $10,000.00, and then $100,000.00.

I know this to be true because I started with almost nothing and today I make a very comfortable six figures a year from trading.

It's Like Having A Secret Code For Making Money That
The Rest Of The World Thinks Is Just Too Good To Be

Having the ability to make money anywhere you are and anytime you please is like having a superpower. Sometimes I think we traders should all have a cape in our closet.

But we have only scratched the surface on your superpower money making abilities...

In just a minute I am going to tell you about something that makes R2D2 and C3PO from Star Wars look like ancient technology.

First, however, I need to tell you about a place where you could become a super-trader with almost psychic powers to find the money even when it eludes everyone else.

Where you could become one of the most informed,
knowledgeable, and profitable traders in the world.

I have paid my dues. I lost everything I had before I learned how to trade properly.

Today I am making more money more easily than I ever have. And I can and will give you the step by step formula so that you can do the same.

You could just spend a day or two watching the DVDs, reading the trading manual, and be light years ahead of others traders in your ability to make money trading...

However, some of you may want to learn to be among trading's elite.

You may want to learn how some traders are able to amass multi-million dollar fortunes.

That's why I have created The Center For
Advanced Profit Strategies.

When you get the TR Profit System today you will get free, unlimited access to the most comprehensive private members' area in all of trading.

Inside I will share with you every strategy, secret, shortcut, method, tip, and trick for making maximum returns I have ever learned.

This is not a trial offer that you will be asked to pay for later. Everything is included today at no additional cost.

  • We will hold live weekly webinars where you can ask any trading question you want. You can also access all the previous webinar recordings in case you miss one.

  • You can post your trades and ask me to help you with them.

  • You can talk with other traders who are all using this same money-making system of trading.

  • You will have access to immediate 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week support from trained professionals anytime I am not in the members' area to help you personally. (While I do practically live in there, I do need to sleep sometimes.)

  • You will have access to numerous tools I personally use to make trading easier and even more profitable.

  • We also have a dedicated area for each DVD where you can ask questions about that specific DVD or any part of the manual.

  • It is also where you will get access to the massive bonuses you will get for acting today. I'll tell you about then in a moment.

Those who spend the most time in here will be the ones who realize success the fastest. I think many of the people who spend the time to learn the system and all the other things I want to teach you in the members' area could go on to become some of the most successful traders on earth.

For those of you who want to become wealthy full-time traders this is the perfect money making storm. The best of both worlds. The ultimate system coupled with the best training.

I could not make the money I do in so little time without this system or these indicators.

There's an easy way and a hard way to do this. I prefer the easy way. It makes me a lot more money with a lost less work.

As Embarrassing As It Is To Say... When I
Got Lazy About Trading Is When I Started
Making The Most Money

I started trading years ago when it took sitting in front of your computer screen analyzing charts all day to make any money.

And while I did manage to make a living trading, it was a lot of work.

I knew that I had to find a way to get more information in less time. As a computer coder, the solution was obvious. I needed to develop technology that would accurately do as much of the actual work as possible.

I was just trying to make trading easier and less time consuming so I would have more time to do other things that I enjoy.

I have actually been working on this new trading software for years now. It took a long time to get it perfected to the level it is today.

What shocked me though was how this not only made trading far simpler and cut the amount of time we need to spend trading down to a minimum...

When I started using it I also saw my income soar!

So not only was I trading a fraction of the time I used to, I was making more money than I ever had.

That is why I want to share this with you today. I feel it could be a complete game changer for anyone who trades. It is making me far more money in less time than I ever have and I am confident it could do the same for you.

Intelligent Trade Finder Software
Value $997

For that reason I have decided to also include my Intelligent Trade Finder software today at no additional cost...

Once you see how easy this makes making money you will never trade without it. I certainly don't.

It finds perfect setups that lead to massively profitable trades most every time. And the more you use it the more it learns about your personal trading style.

Once you have it trained to trade your way, it makes trading easier than anyone ever thought it could be.

$1,961.00 Made With The A.T.F

This is breakthrough software that I think could eventually lead to true artificial intelligence that actually could trade for you. There is no technology available today that I would trust to pull the trigger on a trade when my cash was on the line. But this is as close as it gets.

It does all the hard work and you just make the final decision.

$378.00 Made With The A.T.F

If I am so excited to share this why am I limiting it to just
the first 1,000 people who join me today?

I have found that it's people who are involved in the members' area who succeed the fastest.

The ones who attend the webinars. Those who ask the most questions and post their trades so we can talk about what you did right and what you did wrong.

The members' area will be full of conversations around how to trade more profitably. It is where you will access the many tools and strategies I want to share with you.

It is very interactive if you choose to take part in the discussions, lessons and webinars.

For that reason I have to keep the group a manageable size. After all there is only one of me.

I don't want any question to ever go unanswered or any problem you may have to go unsolved.

It is extremely important to me that you succeed at this. Not only because I want you to know the feeling of no longer need to worry about making money. Of always having more than enough and not killing yourself to get it.

I also admit that my ego is at play once again here. My reputation is on the line. I want every single person who gets this today to very quickly reach their goals. Whether that is just making a couple thousand dollars extra each month or getting rich and making millions.

So I really don't know how long this will be available. It
could sell out today or next week. What I do know is that
when these 1000 copies are gone that is it.

I didn't even want to make that many available...

In the past I have kept my private groups even smaller than this. It became quickly obvious, however, that the demand on this new system was going to quickly eclipse the supply.

So I decided to make 1,000 copies available but that is all there will ever be. When those are gone, which could be today, I will likely never produce even one more copy of this system.

This is not a download where there are unlimited copies available. I had to have the DVDs, the trading manual and the cheat sheets made, packaged, and then prepared for shipping. As you might imagine, I don't have the facility to do that. I used a fulfillment house. So making a few more copies when this sells out is not an option.

That's why I urge you to get this today if you are committed to making trading consistently profitable. Something that can make you wealthy when you do it right.

There is a reason to get started today that is even more important...

The sooner you start the sooner you will achieve your goals. Too often people have opportunities to change their lives that are never realized. Because they just fail to start. They procrastinate and let their dreams slip into the vault of good intentions.

They want success, but it constantly eludes them, because they don't pull the trigger when they see a chance to make it a reality.

As a trader one of your best friends is decisiveness. The ability to trust in your system and enter a trade when it tells you to. Often seconds matter when it comes to entering and exiting a trade.

So if you are having a difficult time making a decision about something this proven to work, trading may not be for you.

If on the other hand you are ready to learn the most powerful trading system on earth, and start making more money than you ever have, then hit that big orange add to cart button and let's get started.

Just remember, as you are thinking about this, others are grabbing up their copy and could soon be making their first big cash producing trades.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you, too, could be pulling cash out of the market anytime you want.

So hit that orange button below that says, "Add to cart," right now, and let's get ready to make you some money!

60 Day No Questions Asked Return Policy

Trade the system for 60 days and then decide...

I am so confident that this system will be the fastest and easiest path to making money trading that you have ever seen I'll let you try it for two months risk free.

If it doesn't make you money, or you just don't like it for any reason, simply return it for a full refund, no questions asked. You don't need any reason whatsoever. Just say, "Toshko this isn't for me and I want my money back."

I will cheerfully refund every penny you paid. That's one of the reasons I insist on using ClickBank for your purchase. So you can feel secure that should you want your money back, there will be no hassles. No one trying to talk you out of it, or hoops of any kind to jump through.

I want you to see how easy this is to trade and how much money you could start making as soon as you start trading with it. The only way I can think of to do that is to send it to you with free shipping and let you try it for yourself.

And I don't want you worrying about whether or not you should have purchased it until you see how powerful and simple to use it is. So try it with no concern for 60 days and if you aren't completely confident it is what I say it is, then it will have cost you nothing.

And in that 60 days you will be learning some cash generating strategies in the members' area that you will keep even if you decide to return the system for a full refund.

This is not a 60 day trial period like you so often see. Where you don't get full access to everything. You can dive in and learn the system. You can suck every bit of trading knowledge you want out of me, and still at the end of 60 days you can walk away and not have paid one penny for all that information, if you choose.

I wanted to make this so you had everything to gain and nothing to lose by trying it. So feel secure in purchasing this today knowing that you won't be on the hook for one penny if you decide it's not for you.

Will this really make you money?

As with most everything, it's what you do with what you are about to learn that will decide your outcome.

Some will probably treat this like a hobby, and make some extra money with it now and then, and others will treat it like a business and could soon become extremely wealthy.

I know traders who are happy just to make a few thousand dollars each month in their spare time and I know others who are well on their way to becoming millionaires.

The important thing to remember is that the TR Profit System could get you to either goal. It makes trading consistently profitable and that is the most important thing you want from my system.

It doesn't matter whether you trade 20 minutes per week or eight hours a day. The important thing is that you are making money when you are trading.

That is what this system can provide you. The right tool to get the job done.

A system that you can feel confident and secure using. Because you know that it has been thoroughly tested and is making people money.

All you need to do is follow the rules of the system and let the indicators do the work. Making this harder than it needs to be would be the fastest way to fail.

Just as with the decision you are making right now, overthinking something that is already proven to work just holds you back from achieving your dreams.

I can't tell you how many times I have seen traders overthink a setup when the system was saying there was money to be made only to wait too long and miss out on a great trade.

The same is true with this decision. You need to take action now and start realizing the success that is right in front of you.

If you act today I will even include these money making bonuses at no additional cost. Purchased alone they are worth far more than what you will invest in the entire package...

Big Bonus #1

Toshko's Surefire System

This special bonus is worth its weight in gold!

I have never released the system I used the first time I won a prize in The Surefire Trading Challenge, where I brought in a staggering 651.5% return in just ONE WEEK.

I surprised everyone because back then I was relatively unknown in the larger trading community.

Now, for the first time ever, you can use this powerful method and experience the system that gave me my big breakthrough, first hand!

You could be one of the only people on the planet to have access to it, and it's yours FOR FREE when you invest in my TR Profit System today.

Out of all my years teaching traders how to become successful, consistently profitable traders, this is the one question I get asked most...

"Toshko, can we please get the system you used to win the Surefire Trading Challenge?"

Up until now, I kept it under lock and key, but I felt that the time was right to open the vault and make it available to the people who show me they can make the right decision when it matters most.

This mechanical system works on all timeframes and can be traded on any currency pair, which means if you follow the rules of the system, you could expect to see your money grow at an incredible speed.

It features two custom indicators that almost guarantee success for anyone who puts the system into action!

If you want to maximize the effectiveness of this system, I found the sweet spot was on the H4 and H1 timeframes because it's even more accurate on these higher ones.

This has and never will be available to buy at any price, the only way you can get your hands on it is by signing up to get the TR Profit System today.

Big Bonus #2

The Intelligent Trade Finder

What if you had a special, custom-built piece of software that had the sole purpose of searching through the currency markets 24 hours per day looking for the perfect trade setups for you?

That's what this does!

This is not your average run of the mill trade assistant, and it's definitely NOT a fully automated trading 'bot...

This is the perfect combination of automation while maintaining full control over whether or not to enter any trades.

This is a highly sophisticated, cutting-edge, intelligent system that will make sure you never miss out on a profitable trading opportunity and it will guarantee you always have free time to pursue the life of leisure that we all want.

No matter if you're lying in the bath or watching your favorite TV show, The Intelligent Trade Finder will work tirelessly to find the big money trades and alert you when they are ready.

I often sit out in the sun relaxing with a glass of wine, admiring the views out to sea, and my only interruption is when the Intelligent Trade Finder sends me a notification.

Then, when this happens, with a simple click you could make cash!

There is no better feeling than making money as easily as this and it's why I love this style of trading so much and I know that you will love this too.

This tool will give you the freedom to live a life of YOUR design that could allow you to replace your income without having to give yourself a new job!

And if you're already busy with life, this could be the secret key that allows you to become a wealthy trader, even if you have no time to sit in front of the computer.

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If you can think of an easier way to make a fortune, then I am all ears. Please get ahold of me right away and tell me what it is. I know of nothing else that compares to trading Forex when it comes to making the most money in the least amount of time.

As you can see by the trades on this page, it is possible, and not even that difficult, to make more money in a matter of hours than many people do in a month.

Three simple steps to making all the money you want and getting rich...

  • Get the TR Profit System.

  • Be involved in the members' area and learn the secrets I want to share with you.

  • Follow the system rules.

It really doesn't get any easier than that. This won't take you months or years to become successful and start making good money. It can happen fast.

It also isn't a lot of work. It's just not that complicated. The secret is to not make it difficult.

Too often people make things harder than they need be because we have always been taught that it takes hard work to get ahead.

I suppose if you are digging ditches that may be true, but in trading it's just a matter of working smarter. And that means letting the system do its job.

Let it do all the work and find you perfect trades. You are the boss. You decide to push the button and enter the trade or to pass on it and wait for the next setup.

The number one reason I think traders fail when they shouldn't...

Trading is an emotional roller coaster ride for many people. Fear and greed can make us do stupid things. Enter trades we shouldn't to try to recoup a loss. Stay in a trade longer than we should in an effort to make even more money.

And when we do this we make trading stressful and much harder than it needs to be. Not to mention less profitable.

When you have a system as perfected and proven as the TR Profit System you have to trust in it. You must let it tell you when to take a trade, where to set your stop loss and take profit and you must get out when it tells you to.

The system could easily make you a fortune as it has for me. Sometimes it's hard for people to realize how easy this can be and just let the system do its job.

It's just hard for some people to accept that making money can really be this easy. We are just wired to believe that success takes hard work.

That's why the graphic artist made money on his very first trades. He only knew to follow the steps laid out in the system. He didn't question anything. He just followed the directions.

That's the secret to becoming a wealthy trader. Use a proven system and stick to the rules. Making it any more complicated than that will just cost you money.

The reason I insist on a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee is because I know from experience that I am able to get people profitable fast.

Once they start making more the last thing they want is a refund. I am really risking nothing by offering it because so few people ever take me up on it.

But occasionally someone does decide that trading just isn't for them. And when that happens I have no problem giving them a cheerful refund. Because they at least tried it. As with all things this is not for everyone. But the only way to know if it's for you is to try it.

Here's how to try this 100% risk free...

Get the system and learn it. Trade it in a demo account. If it is not the most profitable system you have ever traded than I will return every penny you paid.

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When you enjoy the lifestyle I do it's hard not to imagine everyone wanting the freedom and wealth that trading can provide. To be on vacation and pay for the whole trip with a single trade made over your morning coffee is a feeling you never forget.

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You can do the same. I know you can. Look, I am far from a financial genius. If I can do this anyone can.

This is a real, permanent, and sustainable source of income that can last you the rest of your life. It's not a pipe dream or the latest fad. People have been getting rich trading currencies for decades. You just need a proven system for trading and a guide.

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Just hit that big orange add to cart button and the journey will begin. You will immediately get an email from me explaining what to do next.

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If you will let me I will roll up my sleeves and go to work helping you become profitable each and every month. So you can make the kinds of trades you have seen on this page anytime you feel like it.

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Hit the add to cart button below and let's get started right now...


Q. Can a new trader learn this system?

A. Absolutely, a new trader can learn this trading system. There is an advantage to being a new trader, they don't have bad habits or preconceived notions that make learning something new difficult. Of course, there is a bit of a learning curve, but for a new trader, this curve can be quick. With the help provided in the members' area, the time it takes to learn the TR Profit System will be cut down immensely. Remember, we have a trader on call and regular webinars especially to help new traders.

Q. A lot of systems seem complicated; will I be able to do this?

A. The techniques in the TR Profit System are easy to follow that's why I can recommend it for new traders also. Aside from the numerous examples and live trades to show you how to apply them, I will also be available to answer any question and help you understand how to trade the system better.

Q. Can I trade TR Profit System with a full-time job?

A. One of the reasons I started to trade this system is that I don't have as much time to trade as I used to in the past. In the same way, people with full-time jobs don't have much time to spend trading. I will definitely teach you how to trade your way around a full-time job. I understand that most new traders, and even those who have been trading for a while now, do so with a full-time job. Anyone can trade this system in just a couple hours per day, and there's a few ways you can do it.

Q. Will the TR Profit System work on any charting software?

A. The method can only be traded using the free MetaTrader4 platform. If you are a new trader or you have not used this platform before, I have prepared an entire DVD to show you exactly how to use it. The MetaTrader4 trading software very easy to use, that's why it is the preferred platform of many traders.

Q. What is the Win Loss Ratio?

A. On average, I normally win +/- 80% of the time using the TR Profit System, but this percentage may vary from trader to trader. In the beginning your result will probably less than mine but I will work with you until you are achieving similar results.

Q. What time of day can I trade with the system?

A. Trading the 4 hour timeframe, you can trade whenever you see a signal that you like. If you trade the 15 minute or less, I would strongly suggest that you stick to trading the London Session. This will go from 8am - 5pm GMT. Anything outside of this will have the market moving very sparingly and without much momentum.

Q. What currency pairs can I trade?

A. TR Profit System will work well on any currency pair, so if you have a few favorites, go ahead and trade them. If you DO choose to trade small timeframes like the 5 minute or even 1 minute, you will want to keep your trades limited to the EUR/USD, GBP/USD and the AUD/USD. The spreads are lower and the market moves with a nice flow in these pairs on the smaller timeframes. Other pairs get a little too choppy on the tiny timeframes.

Q. How much money do I need to get started?

A. To get started, I would suggest no money at all. Trade on a demo account and prove that you are comfortable with the system. Once you do decide to go live, start with the smallest amount possible, most brokers will offer a micro account that can be funded with as little as $250. Never trade with money you cannot afford to lose. See the CAUTION at the end of this page. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Just be sensible and use common sense.

Q. Is there a monthly subscription or is it a one-time fee?

A. The TR Profit System, which includes the 6 DVDs, a trading manual, cheat sheets, members' area, webinars and all the bonuses, are all for a one-time only fee. You will also have unlimited access to the private members only area for 6 months.

Q. Is TR Profit System a trading robot or a manual trading strategy?

A. It is a manual trading system that comes with automated software to help you identify the signals to trade.

Q. Is TR Profit System a trend following or a trend reversal system?

A. Trading with the trend is definitely the most profitable way to trade, and this is how the TR Profit System is applied.

Q. Why are you selling TR Profit System?

A. For many years, I have dedicated a lot of time helping fellow traders. Teaching and trading are two of my passions in life.

Q. Is TR Profit System a scalping, intraday or swing trading method?

A. It is all of the above. It can absolutely be used to scalp the 5 minute and even the 1 minute timeframes, but you can also use it very effectively on the 4 hour, daily or weekly timeframes. The system works on every timeframe.

Q. How many trades a day can I expect with TR Profit System?

A. This depends on a few different things: timeframe, how many pairs and your time. If you trade one currency pair on a 5 minute timeframe for a few short hours during the London session, you could expect to see as many as 5 setups.

REMEMBER: If you take the 2-Payment option ($650 X 2), you will never need to make another payment once you have covered the price of the system. You receive all the benefits of a one-time payment of $997. Either payment option will give you access to the full course and the members' area for 6 months. Your training will start tomorrow, and above and beyond everything I have mentioned, you will also receive specially prepared video training until your course arrives. You will receive some very special bonuses during the next weeks and months if you act today.





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